What would have happened if xenophobic attacks occurred under Abacha – Skiibii

Singer Skiibii has revealed all the things he believes would have happened had it been the current xenophobic attacks occurred during the regime of late General Sani Abacha.

In a post he shared on social media, Skiibii stated that though Abacha has his own bad side, he would have been very much useful at a time like this.

Listing the things that would have happened if xenophobic attacks occurred during Abacha regime, Skiibii wrote:

“By Now, The South African Ambassador In Nigeria Would Have Arrived South Africa
By Now, MTN Would Have Been Nationalized

By Now, DSTV Signal Would Have Been Jammed

By Now, Shoprite Would Have Been Sealed Off

By Now, Nigeria Ambassador In South Africa Would Have Been Recalled

By Now, 20-40 Cargo Planes Would Have Been Sent To South Africa To Bring Nigerians Home

By Now, Two Nigeria Naval War Ship Would Have Been Sent To South Africa.

By Now, Donald Trump Would Have Called Abacha To Beg For Peace

By Now, France & Germany Would Have Sent Delegations To Beg Abacha

By Now, Over 2,000 Xenophobia Attackers Would Have Been Arrested By South 
 African Police, And Videos Shown To Make Abacha Calm Down….

Every Bad Man, Has A Time He’s Useful To His People.

I Wish This Happened When The People’s General Was Still Head Of State….Then, They Would Have Known The Worth Of Nigeria REST IN PEACE, General
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