5 Things That Can Make You Self-employed In Nigeria

I like to share information with people on ways they can start and run home businesses on the side. You can request for a free e-book on 20 home businesses you can start in Nigeria Today by sending me an email: nigeriahomebusiness@gmail.com

Becoming self-employed has been outlined as one of the three ways to become financially independent (able to live well on passive income or without a salary). The other two are businesses and investments.

If you are tired of searching endlessly for a job then this is for you. If you are working but wondering why working for someone else can be frustrating and exhausting I can tell you it is one of 3 things;

1. You hate your job, because it is stressful to you.
2. Your job doesn't pay enough or
3. You want something that really challenges you, not the boring repetitive tasks you do everyday on the Job.

But quitting your job may not be an option - if any of these 5 things stares you in the face and you can't beat your chest to say I have them, then they would prevent you from becoming self-employed in Nigeria and no - man no man is not one of them.

1. Hustling Spirit.
This is true for more than 90% of job seekers and even employed people. If you don't know how to start a business and source for customers you will never feel ready to start a business but that can change your financial situation.

2. One Proven Business Idea
Even if you feel you are ready to start a business, finding one business you can stick to and that will work and pay the bills can be a real challenge. You can solve this problem by Asking yourself - what can I do (very well and easily) for people that they are willing to pay me for?

3. Willingness to take Risks
Risk is synonymous with uncertainty and uncertainty means knowing less. The more you know and understand a business, the less risky it will be for you. Most businesses will fail and that is a fact of life. But businesses owned by people very knowledgeable and skilled in their affairs tend to weather the storm and remain afloat when others collapse. That means go into a business you thoroughly understand

4. Start with whatever you have
Even if you have no money, skill and ideas can makeup for the shortage. All you need are motivated and productive people willing to work with you. A little creativity can help out here.

5. Have a set goal for your future
This should be number one on this list. The goal is the intended destination in 5, 10 or 15 years time. All plans must flow from goals and all goals are only achievable when they are well thought out and given a set deadline.

To your success and Mine
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