Characteristics Of People With Low Self-esteem

The level of self-esteem is variable throughout life; that is, the level of self-confidence and the value we attribute to ourselves is not defined in the metaphor of a straight line. Self-esteem is one of the essential ingredients of our personal development and emotional well-being. For this reason, it is crucial to listen to those symptoms that indicate that we do not love each other as much as we deserve.

Through self-esteem, you become aware of the critical relationship you maintain with yourself since this relationship is the pillar of your bond with others, for this reason, in this article we are going to discover what are the characteristics of people with low self-esteem so that you learn to recognize them and analyze yourself.

They are indecisive, have difficulty making decisions, have an exaggerated fear of making mistakes. They only make a decision when they are utterly sure of obtaining 100% results.

They think that they can't, that they don't know anything, that they won't get it.

They don't value themselves, their talents, or their possibilities. They see their small skills, while those of others see them as large and even exaggerated.

They are afraid of what is new and avoid risks.

They are very anxious and nervous, which leads them to avoid situations that give them anguish and fear.

They are very passive; they avoid taking the initiative.

They are isolated, shy, and have almost no friends or very few.

They do not like to share their feelings with other people.

They avoid participating in the activities that are carried out in their center of study or work.

They are afraid to talk to other people about any topic; they feel continuously evaluated.

They depend a lot on other people to do their tasks or perform any activity.

They give up before doing or starting any activity.

They are not satisfied with themselves, and they think they are not doing anything right.

They don't know their emotions, so they can't express them.

Because they have no courage, they find it hard to accept criticism.

They have a hard time recognizing when they are wrong.

They handle a lot of feelings of guilt when something goes wrong.

In the face of negative results, they look for guilt in others.

They believe that they are the ugly, ignorant and that everyone else does it better than they do.

They rejoice at the mistakes of others because it makes them feel better.

They don't care about their health.

They are pessimistic; they believe that everything will go wrong.

They look for leaders to do things.

They think they are uninteresting people.

They think they make a wrong impression on others.

They feel they don't control their lives.

They don't like to struggle because they don't believe in their ability.

They find it hard to achieve their goals.
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