Escaped Kano Lion Eats Ostrich As Zookeepers Mull Killing Animal

Officials of Kano Zoological Gardens on Sunday said if harmless ways to capture the escaped lion failed, they will have no option than to kill the animal to save the lives of the people.

DAILY NIGERIAN reports that the lion had broken into ostrich cage last night and ate one of them before the authorities lured the animal into its cage with two goats.

The managing director of Kano Zoological Gardens, Saidu Gwadabe, told DAILY NIGERIAN on Sunday night that effort is currently ongoing to rescue the lion alive.

Mr Gwadabe said the beast had so far eaten two ostriches and a number of goats. “The lion has now taken over the ostrich cage and killed two,” he said.

According to Mr Gwadabe, zookeepers from National Park Service, Abuja have arrived at the zoo to capture the escaped lion, which broke out of its enclosure on Saturday night.

He said the Abuja rangers came with 10ml shots of tranquilisers as the lion resisted the 1.5m shots they darted at him.

“When we shot tranquiliser at him earlier in the morning, it shook it off and moved away. Experts told us that a big cat of that size needs at least 10ml of tranquiliser at once.

“So we sought assistance of the National Park Service in Abuja which despatched a team of rangers. The only available flight they could board was that of 4:15pm.

“So they arrived here around 6pm when it is already getting dark. The rescue operation is ongoing as I speak to you.

“We assembled some vehicles to light up the angle where the lion holes up. The problem we face now is that the dart guns available to us don’t fire over a long distance.

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