Steps In Raising Children With Healthy Self Esteem

(1)Show compassionate love

Children are so lovely, they reciprocates back to the society what they see there parents doing right in the family.
Showing your children real and compassionate love makes them emotional secured and to believe in themselves.

(2)Teach them daily tasks.

Children should be raised up by teaching them how to work diligently with there hands and mind.
Teach your children that hardwork pays and that in the real life scenario,uneasy lies the head that would desires a crown.
Teach them how to set goals and put a specific deadlines to all set goals.

(3)Teach them to make integrity based decisions.

Children should be taught how to think and not what to think.
We are in a time where fatherly roles are been eroded away.
Children should be taught how to do things right and not be influenced by peer pressures.
Children should be taught not to follow the crowd to do evil and that they should stand out when they are happy with decisions been proposed by there friends.

(4)Teach them delayed gratifications

We are in the era of 'fast and furious' people want to achieve a ten years goals within six months.
Human wants instant life results like an instant coffee, and have no tolerance for patience.
Children should not be given everything they asked from the parents.
The bad effect of giving your child all things he/she requested is painting a picture that life would give them everything without a struggle to work hard for it.
The long term effects of this is more pronounced after the death of the irresponsible parents who had raised a none diligent children.

(5)Teach them an independent lifestyle.

In the journey of life,two is a crowd in destiny.
All parents must teach there children to always stand out amidst the crowd.
Learning a life of not depending on others by children accelerates there emotional maturity and intelligence.
They should learn proper accountability to themselves and to the society.
Parents should teach there children that it's okay for them to have a private life of there own.
Children should learn from there parents that it's okay not to follow the crowd to do evil.
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