Things You Should Never Tell Your Girlfriend Or Wife

To be in loved with a girl and start a relationship is a wonderful thing. Long term relationships are usually based on love, trust and honesty. Even if honesty is very important in a relationship, sometimes may be hurtful. There are some things you shouldn’t tell your partner because it may hurt her or make her change the opinion about you.

Even if you love her very much and you are getting close, these things can affect your relationship and should be kept in secret. Sometimes you can best show her your love by keeping your mouth shut. So, before you start telling her somethings, you should look at these things that may destroy your relationship.

Never tell her if your family doesn’t like her
Even if your family dislike her, it is better to not tell her because she will get angry and insecure. This will create future problems and tension between her and your family. If you truly love her, all you can do is to let your family know that she is the one you have chosen, and they have to respect your decision. Try to make them change their minds about her.

Never tell her she is getting fat
Even if this is true, please don’t tell her this. It will make her feel very bad and she will think that you don’t like her anymore. Think about how she would feel, and you can say: ” honey, let try to lose a little weight ”. Let her decide when is the time to lose weight because she will do it without you hurting her.

Don’t criticize her when she is trying to do her best
This is the worst thing you can do. If she sees that she is trying hard to do the things fine and you begin criticizing her, she would feel disappointed that you don’t know to appreciate her for the fact that she is trying her best. So, you should get over it, and you can help her in doing that job. Maybe next time she’ll be doing better.

Don’t tell her how your mother would have done things
I know that for men their mothers always represent a model in life, but we must admit that all the families are different. So, we have been raised by different kinds of parents and in different ways of life. Everyone is taught to do things in their ways and that’s why you can’t ask your girlfriend to do things or to live like your mother. A woman can have her views and opinions, and all you can do about this is to tell her stories about how you were raised and how things have been done in your family. You should adapt at this new way of life, without comparing her with your mom.

Don’t remind her about your ex in a special moment
Never ever compare your dating nights or things you do together with the ones you have done with your ex, don’t remind her that. It is a hurtful thing for her to see that you are still thinking about the other.

Don’t tell her some bad things you have done in the past
If she doesn’t find out already, you better keep your mouth shut; it is in your favor. If you tell her that you have cheated your past girlfriends, for example, she will have a totally bad opinion about you, and fell disappointed. So, these things you shouldn’t disclose.

Never tell her that a football game is more important for you than her.
Even if is an important game, don’t tell her to let you alone in that moment because you are busy and don’t have time for her. You better smile and pretend that you are listening to her too and try to catch the key words. She might ask you one or two things to test you.

Don’t ask her to relax when she is very angry
When she is very upset, scared, or very angry the worst thing you can do is to ask her to relax. This will make her angrier because she will think that you don’t take her serious. If you upset her by doing some bad things, and you just tell her to relax, she will fell that you are denying that there is a reason to be upset.
Don’t tell her that you are insecure

In a relationship or dating woman is looking after a strong and confident man. So, if you are insecure, or you are jealous on her because, for example, she has a better salary than yours, you have to keep this aspect just for yourself.

Don’t declare your love during a fight
The words ‘‘I love you ‘‘mean a lot for a woman that’s why it should be said at the right moment. But most of guys say this during a fight. She doesn’t believe a word in what you say because she considers that if you really loved her you wouldn’t upset her. You may say you love her but only after your fight is over.

Do not tell her that you like her girlfriend[b][/b]
Maybe one of her girlfriends is very beautiful and you like her so much, please your partner shouldn’t find out this. If you say that her best friends look very good and you like her, she will feel hurt, angry and will never trust you around her friends. So, keep it to yourself.

If you want to have a long and strong relationship you shouldn’t permit or say some things that can destroy it to your partner. Don’t be completely honest about the things which should not be told.
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