Yemi Osinbajo, Brain Box Of Buhari's Regime, Cabal Trying To Humiliate Him, Northern Youths Claim

A group, Northern Youth For United Nigeria, has warned against what it described, "plots to oust Vice President Yemi Osinbajo as a threat to national unity".

The group said any such move against the vice president is antithetical to civilized democracy and threatening to national unity.

Mohammed Bappare, leader of the group, told journalists in Yola, Adamawa state, on Wednesday night that the northern youth group was ready to resist any "power play aimed at humiliating Osinbajo".

Bappare said, "We are tracking and carefully reviewing unfolding events within the ruling APC, particularly regarding moves against Vice President Osinbajo.

"All the hullabaloo about the so-called alleged N90 billion FRIS money linked to the VP simply betrays the desperation of a cabal.

"Some people have erroneously arrogated to themselves the right to determine who becomes what, but we'll prove them wrong.

"Osinbajo, who is arguably the brain box of this government, cannot be used and dumped.

"Besides, as young people, we must set the agenda for a united Nigeria, that is why we are strongly supportive of the principle which promotes the rotation of the central power.

"Nigeria is for all Nigerians and at this material time, we, the youths from the north, believe that in 2023, power should move to the southwest."
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