Banke Meshida BMPro: Makeup For Dead People Is Lucrative, Why I Stopped It

In a recent interview with Punch Newspaper, celebrity make-up artist, Banke Meshida, also known as BM Pro, revealed the shocking reasons she stopped doing Makeup for the dead.

She said: “I’ve been called occasionally to do make-up for dead people but I declined. I didn’t like the first experience I had. It’s such a sorrowful space to be in and I couldn’t deal with it. It left such a bad taste. I found it emotionally draining and made up my mind that I wouldn’t do it again. It’s a completely different skill set because one is working on skin that is not living; the colour and shading would different. However, it is a very lucrative aspect of make-up artistry because not many people possess the skill. I do every other thing except making up for the dead.”

When asked if she wants her kids to also go into beauty and makeup business, she said: “Of course, I’ll like that. In our parents’ era, they all wanted their children to be lawyers and doctors but see what played out. Yes, I’ll love my kids to toe my line but I’ll also respect their choices. Thankfully, my kids love make-up.”

Speaking on how she relaxes when not working, Banke Meshida has this to say: “When I’m not working, I either watch movies, have a massage or sit down doing absolutely nothing. I also connect with my fans on Instagram. I love cooking but I don’t like clearing the dishes. These days, I have someone who cooks (for me) and I really like the taste. When I cook, it’s superb and my kids love it.”
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