These Are The Types Of Men That Can Easily Steal Your Woman

Some time ago, we came across the story of a man who eloped with his son’s girlfriend and that’s why we made up this post today to reveal the types of men you should be careful with as they can easily steal your woman.

1- Gym instructors:

Most Gym Instructors are usually young, athletic, fit and attractive to women as they practice live in the Gym and are health conscious.

Gym instructors are known to perform horizontal acrobatics with their female clients regardless of their marital status.

The instructors don’t stress themselves to get a  woman as the ladies freely throw themselves at them once the effect of their inappropriate touches kicks in.

It’s common to hear stories of women cheating on their spouses with their Gym Instructor.

2- Photographers: 

Second, on our list are Photographers. Photographers are fond of taking advantage of women; especially the young ones desperate for a super-dope shot and are ready to take on any position suggested by the photographer to make their pictures good enough for many Instagram Likes.

Another category of women that falls prey to photographers is female models as they often get offered free private shots and some promises (you know there’s a price attached to every free Thing right? Wink!). They also know how desperate the models are to add a lot of Professional Images in their Portfolio; they don’t mind being nude too.

I know of a friend who spends more than 4 Hours snapping a model in his tightly locked studio while I’m outside waiting for that long. He doesn’t let me be in the studio while he snaps as he said He always wants to get the best shot in every position possible for each of the models; but after the shot, they always come out of the studio Sweating and the model adjusting her clothes tongue wink….. [/b]What do I even know? I can swear they did nothing in there lol! grin grin grin.

[b]3- Pastors:

Pastors are third on our list because rogue men of god understand the psychology of women and always take advantage of them.

They are very much aware that women often get emotionally needy and are very desperate for caring and listening ear, and a lot of women trust and respect their pastors more than their husband.

Some time ago, we read about a man whose wife was having an affair with her pastor and according to him, his wife prepares special delicacies for the pastor after he must have left for work; and she prepares horrible meals for the husband.

Rogue pastors most times take advantage of women during private prayer sessions.

4- Lecturers and Bosses:

These days, news about Sex for marks gone wrong are making front-pages in the media, what about those that went as planned? When should we expect that information to be out?

We are in the era where your grades determine how easy or tough getting a job will be for you after school and lecturers are out there acting like Mini-gods, so imagine what ladies can offer for a pass!

Out of desperation for a good grade, students can be lured by the lecturer or vice-versa. The same thing happens in Job Promotions.

If only we can get a good survey on how many students pass out with a “Sexually Transmitted Degree”, most boyfriends and husbands will be disappointed.

5- ‘Just friends’:

Lol! This category of Men approaches your woman just to be ‘just friends’ with her, so, guys you have to be careful with men your woman introduces as “Just Friends”… Whenever my Girlfriend tells me “Look, He’s just a friend”, I’m always like “I don’t understand this Just a friend package oo… Because I know what I did when I was Just a Friend ooo angry

Just friends stay in the ‘Friend Zone’ and will make you think they are comfortable being there, but they are just waiting for the right time to strike…. The right time when you’ve got issues with her and when she’s emotionally vulnerable and needs “Immoral support”.

Do you have any Suggestion? You can drop them in the Comment Section.
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