House Of Reps Rejects Bill Proposing 6 Years Per Term For President, Governors

The Nigerian green chamber has reject a bill sponsored by Rep. John Dyegh which seek the review of the constitution for the numbers of years per term for the President, Governor, Senators, Representative members and State Houses of Assemblies members to be adjusted from 4 years to 6 years per term.

"Rep. John Dyegh moved a motion for the second reading of a Bill to alter the Constitution to provide for a single term of 6 years for President & Governors & a 6-year term for Members of the National Assembly & States Houses of Assembly & it was seconded by Rep. Adeniyi Olajide."

"Rep. Dyegh in leading the debate said that the bill is aimed at ensuring the House retains experience and institutional knowledge from members. He argued that 6 years is enough time for new members to acclimatize to the system and properly dispense their duties."

"Rep. Gagdi in debating against the motion cautioned members that the bill will make Nigerians suspect the motive of the parliament. He called for a better electoral reform act."

"Rep's Haruna Dederi in his argument against the bill stated that the current 4-year system gives room for appraisal, improvement, and redirection if the electorates are satisfied enough to vote leaders in for the second term."

"He cautioned lawmakers to be wary of playing into the hands of detractors who will insinuate that National Assembly seeks to elongate the tenure of President Muhammadu Buhari. The Bill was put to a vote and the nays have it."
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