Marriage Or Career Which Comes First: Ladies Question For You All

I understand that when it comes to sensitive topics like marriage and career especially for women, a lot of people have different opinions. Whatever your opinion is I do respect it; different things work for different people. Without much ado, let get into it.

Women who want to have kids should make it a high priority in their early twenties – late twenties to find a “partner”, (Note, I quote a partner, not a husband, as much as I am pro-marriage, it’s just not for everyone and not all women want a husband). According to statistics, it’s harder for women in their late thirties to get married.

Another big reason is because of the pressing issues facing Generation X: infertility. We are experiencing more women having issue with getting pregnant naturally and the cost of IUI or IVF is not getting any cheaper. Honestly, you have your whole life to get a career and you can even change career at any time in life. This is not true about having a baby.

If you are already in your 30s, single and want to have kids, you need to find a partner now. Take that career drive and direct it toward mating because your career skills will outlast your ovaries.

As much as I believe women should not be pressured into getting married as most African parents or families do, the reality is the woman’s biological clock is running. However, there is lots of evidence to show that a woman’s biological clock takes a nose-dive from age 35. A huge percentage of fertility statistics get bad at 35.
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