NEWSValentine’s Day: Propose to us, don’t buy gifts- Jos women tell their lovers

Barely 24 hours to the St. Valentine’s Day celebration, opinions from lovers, especially female folks have emerged on social media regarding their expectations for the special day.

Some women in Jos while sharing their expectations in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) said they would prefer marriage proposals than gifts from their lovers for Valentine’s Day celebration.
St Valentine’s Day is a yearly festival marked on 14 February, where people celebrate romantic love by sending messages of love and affection to partners, family and friends.
In her opinion, Miss Alheri Danjuma said: “I don’t want any gifts for valentine from my boyfriend, I would prefer he proposes to me, we have celebrated four Valentines Day together, I want this one to be special.
“He bought me gifts last year and I did not get a proposal as expected so I want a proposal this year,” Miss Danjuma said.
A lady simply identified as Mercy also said she would love a proposal than gifts, adding that a proposal would make the day more romantic for her rather than cakes.
“A proposal will be better, valentine is getting boring with just a cake and card, it is getting boring.
“I am tired of eating cakes; I want to get married, a proposal on Valentines Day will make it very romantic and special for me,” Mercy said.
One miss Sarah said she would welcome both gifts and a proposal, even as she advised men to take advantage of the romantic day and propose to their lovers
Some married women who spoke on condition of anonymity also stated that they would prefer their husbands spending time with them at home on Valentine’s Day rather than receiving gifts.
One of them said: “I would prefer that my husband spends time with me and the kids this Valentine and beyond, that will be special because he is hardly at home.
“To me, spending quality time with family is more important than gifts,” she said
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