40 Years Later And Authorities Inform About Her Husband’s True Identity

While the love story of Bobby and Cherry is certainly wonderful, it is not your typical romantic fairy tale. These two have been married for 40 years already. While on the outside everything looked great, behind the scenes Bobby was keeping a secret from his wife. However, this secret was ultimately revealed and transformed everything Cheryl once knew.
After 40 Years Of Being Married, Woman Finds Out From The FBI Who Her Husband Really Is
It was January 2015 when Cheryl began her normal morning ritual. Her husband was asleep when there was a knock on the door. She opened the front door to see authorities standing before her. She assumed they were there to check up on her crazy neighbor. Cherry did not worry for a second because she assumed it was a mistake. However, before she could even ask what they wanted, 12 officers pushed past her.

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