Andy Uba, APC As Victims of Hate Politics


Most societies today grapple with the phenomenon described or is termed as Hate Politics.  Hate politics it seems has become the new currency of Nigerian politics as witnessed in the 2015 and 2019 elections. However, scholars will disagree by tracing Hate Politics to Nigeria's Independence or even before that period.

However, it has become much more pronounced since the 2015 elections, and has always been witnessed majorly in the South East of Nigeria. One witnessed its mesh or coaction in the 2013, 2015 and 2019 elections, particularly targeted at candidates of the APC. 

It has been rigorously displayed on the psyche of the people who may have largely come to see the APC as a Muslim Party, or as a Hausa Fulani Party, such a tag or toga has unnecessarily sought to confer on its candidates at such elections and its members with demeaning titles such as Party Ndi Boko Haram, coupled with with the emergence and dominance of New Media and its various mediums the damage is much and could damage a candidate's chances at the polls. 

The Nigerian nation appears to be grappling with such ethnic champions fanning the embers of war against a number of ethic groups, this in turn is directed at party politics,  imposing unfairly such an identity on its members. This imposition is mostly at its highest during elections,  with materials and stories tagged to the candidates of the APC.

For example Senator Andy Uba, the Gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, stories such as Uba planning to construct a set of mosques in Igbo land or the promise to allow open grazing when he becomes governor have reportedly surfaced on a number of platforms on social media. 

Naturally, such stories cannot be said to be true and there is no way that an Andy Uba, a Christian and one who understands that Anambra is in dire need of infrastructure, schools and a number of other government provisions in order to uplift the quality of life of the people of Anambra, will seek to use Anambra State funds to construct a mosque, but what do you have?

 The story becomes blown out of proportion and is shared all over mediums and  given the low rates of media literacy  participants are either busy defending such an obnoxious story or are attacking it, leaving the discussion of more salient issues. 

Such hate politics, asides from denying the masses the insight into what each candidate has to offer in order to enable them accept or reject certain parties at the polls, it also tears outfrightly the collective fabric of the polity.

So while a Senator Andy Uba is seeking to woo the voters with his policies and programmers, it is saddening that such efforts could prove ineffective as we allow hate politics to dominate an issue based contest. 

It is Senator Andy Uba's very fundamental and basic democratic right as well as every other member of the APC to belong to any political party of their choice, otherwise our democratic experiment might turn out to be a farce, tagging him as Mosque builder or Fulani Herdsmen lover is  stoking hatred that makes puts our development on a tortuous path, Nigerians and Ndi Anambra become the biggest losers. 

However it is not yet uhuru for such mischief makers as Providence again and again has always shown its hand, also there is a tendency for people to rise beyond such divisive and false natured politics as we experienced in 2015 elections, where a President Muhammadu Buhari emerged victorious despite the hate campaigns waged against him, likewise what we experienced in Imo State where a Hope Uzodinma emerged victorious despite the tags and the arsenal of hate politics waged against him. 

Irrespective of such we must rid ourselves of such hate politics.

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