Mother-Baby-Iodine: The Importance of Iodine on the Woman and her Baby”


Written by:

Prof. Ifeoma Modebe

(Public Health Physician)

Iodine is a vital mineral for health of humans, animals and plants. Though essential, the human body cannot produce enough iodine for its own use. It must come from a diet as very little of it is got from food, unless added during processing of salts, oil and supplements. As an important component of proteins, iodine is useful in brain, breast and ovarian health This chemical element helps the thyroid produce hormones which regulate body metabolism, detoxification, growth and development.

Moderate to severe absence in the body, leads to iodine deficiency disorder (IDD). 

These disorders manifest in sickness like: 


High Blood Pressure 

Stunted Physical & Mental Growth



Taking iodine supplements including iodized salt is effective for preventing and treating numerous iodine deficiency disorders. Iodine supplements help to reduce infections, inflammation and all kinds of pain. However, it can possibly be unsafe if abused by either children or adults. In the seventies, research studies revealed that about eight hundred million people worldwide are iodine deficient. 

Aware of the scourge United Nation Agencies declared iodine deficiency a common global health problem. More than five hundred people who risk disorders due to iodine deficiency lived in the poorest countries belongs to Africa… one of the severe endemic areas of iodine deficiency.

Concerned about the severe medical and social consequences of IDD, the United Nation Agencies and some continental, political and NGO,s initiated a critical mass action for the control of IDD.

In 1984, an international council for the control of iodine deficiency disorder (ICCIDD) came on board in collaboration with W.H.O. and UNICEF. The main objectives were to create greater global awareness about IDD and to sustain active interest in the control and eradication of the scourge in the world.

Our own son and distinguished Medical Doctor, Professor Onuorah Louis Ekpechi and his colleague Dr B. Hetzel, founding members of ICCIDD for love of God, humanity and country conceived the IDD task force for Africa. 

Professor Ekpechi who we are celebrating today on world IDD day served as Chairman and Regional Co-ordinator for Africa in March, 1987. His colleague DR.B. Hetzel became the Executive Secretary.

With Zeal and a high sense of purpose, Professor Ekpechi campaigned for technical and financial support for the IDD control Programme in Africa. By dint of hard work and commitment he received positive response from   donor agencies who trusted the task force for Africa in their work with the Rural peasantry for being able to better manage the Aid.

As Coordinator for AFRICA Regional Task Force for the IDD, Professor Ekpechi and his team devised, elaborate plans and strategies to carry the fight against the scourge down to various countries urban and rural areas. Continental, National and state Awareness campaigns, trainings field work and more research were implemented strictly.

The African Task force on IDD labored with the conviction that good health is a duty for the progress of the World.  Field results, assessments repots and challenges were reviewed regularly at continental conferences and workshops. Under his watch, IDD Public Enlightenment Campaigns gained currency, people embraced Preventive measures and manufacturer’s started adding iodine in salt, oil and food supplements for proper nourishment. 

Professor O.L. V Ekpechis dedicated service created the foundation for Nigerian’s achievement of universal salt iodization in 2005. Professor Onuorah Louis Victor Ekpechi aka MR IODINE is fondly remembered by the ICCIDD, board and Directors for helping to craft the organizations constitution in 1986. 

The board honored him for serving with distinction and success as the ICCIDD Regional Co Ordinator for Africa. Mr IODINE as a pioneer in every sense of the word spurred awareness and effective coordinated action which has blessed the lives of millions of people throughout Africa who would otherwise have suffered mental impairment due to insufficient iodine nutrition

Today we join Louis Love Nest Foundation and the board of directors of ICCIDD who in deep appreciation commemorate a life time of distinguished service of Professor O. L. V. Ekpechi a founding member of the international council on the control of iodine deficiency. 

We salute the GIANTS of IODINE WE salute the achievements of Mr IODINE.


•Provide Nutrition For 100,000 children

•Empower their 100,000 of their parents with SMEs 

•Enroll 100,000 Children in the Public School System in Our S-T-E-M Education Programme ie Science Technology Engineering Maths 

•We also aim at creating and increasing awareness on the regular use of Iodized Salt. 

We appeal to the Public, Business Parastatal, Governmental & Regulatory Bodies for support Your Love Donation & Support





•Medication etc



2021 IDD TEAM in collaboration with Louis Love Nest Foundation features an active Media/Physical Tour.  It also features a documentary showing exclusive, and groundbreaking, background stories, untold & deep experiences and fond memories of Prof Ekpechi, his beautiful and loving wife and Matriarch of the Iodine Empire Matron Georgina Ekpechi. The Loving Lady Behind the Mask. Let’s us celebrate in a very special way Lady Iodine Mrs Georgina Ekpechi Odoziaku Omeorafu of Onitsha Ado na Idu.

Special Thanks to this year’s World Iodine Day Team: Sir Sam Modebe Nigerian Immigration Service RTD, Professor Ifeoma Modebe Public Health Physician, 

The Iodine Lady Matron Georgina Ekpechi. Ndali Modebe Broadcaster, Broker, Beauty Entrepreneur at Hazel Oils.

Dr Nkechi Mbaezue Atlanta Georgia, Engr Amechi Ekpechi, Barr Chineze Achukwu Atlanta Georgia, Engr Nnamdi Modebe, Scientist Nelson Modebe, Dr Onyinye Modebe, Obiamaka Achukwu, Ijeoma Mbaezue, Olisa Ekpechi, Engr Chika Achukwu, Okey Odogwu Dream Fm, Ijele Ozioma Solid Fm Enugu. Prof Ifeoma Ulasi, Prof Ifeoma Okoye, Elizabeth Okonu Nigerian Airforce (NAF) Mercy Ohakwe Radio Nigeria, Barr Bonita Oneh, Ndali Modebe Broadcaster & Broker, Head Of Radio Station Cyril Okeke, Dr Ndidi Kennedy-Ukaga, Sound Engr Emeka Okoye, Emmanuel Okafor, Asha, Engr Alex Ogbonna, Toyin Muda Unilag FM, Alex Movie Productions. 

World Iodine Deficiency Day 2021 is Proudly Sponsored by United Bank for Africa, and her Partners include: City Radio 89.7FM, ICCIDD, Hazel Oils, Louis Love Nest Foundation, Sir Sam Modebe Foundation, ABS Awka, Solid FM Enugu, College of Medicine Nsukka, Spark Minds Concept, Tony Cliff Properties, Odenigbo, Alex Movie Productions, Ermac Ads, City Radio 89.7FM, DAME Media & Public Relations Company, Dream FM, Unilag FM, W.H.O, and UNICEF.

We encourage the members of the general public to join us in celebrating Iodine Icon & Medical Hero Prof Louis Onuorah Victor Ekpechi while spreading awareness about 4th World Iodine Deficiency Day.

Thank You.




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